Childspeech - Let's Talk

Treatment can be offered to children and young people who present with

  • delayed language development
  • disordered language development. ( having difficulty in understanding what others say; that is receptive language; or finding difficulty with putting sentences together so that they can be understood; that is expressive language.)
  • delayed speech development  (eg sound substitutions)
  • disordered speech development  ( using incorrect speech sounds that are not improving following the expected development pattern)
  • word retrieval (finding it difficult to store & remember words and their meanings)
  • pragmatic disorder  (difficulty in social use of spoken and non-verbal language)
  • selective mutism (only speaking in certain situations)
  • speech dyspraxia (motor planning & co-ordination difficulty affecting pronunciation)
  • dysfluency (rhythm of speech altered)

Form of Therapy

In addition to individual therapy it can be beneficial in some cases to see your child across a range of settings where other professionals may be involved with him/her.  Where requested coaching can be offered to support key people in the use of therapy approaches with your child.

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