Childspeech - Let's Talk

What I can offer

I can offer my professional support through the provision of:-

  • a thorough assessment of your child's speech, language & communication based on both formal and informal assessments of your child at home along with completion of a full case history

  • a comprehensive verbal or written report detailing your child's communicative strengths & weaknesses

  • a plan of therapy outlining the aims & objectives of sessions 

  • direct therapy with your child in 1:1 session or 1:2 session where parent is present 

  • provision of specific advice & strategies to staff working with your child in educational settings or other professionals

  • discussion and advice to  parents/carers along with strategies for continuing input with your child between sessions; worksheets, where required, an be provided for you to continue therapy with your child

I aim to help you to make a difference to your child's speech & language development; and in effect show you how you can become a proxy therapist. You are with the child almost 24/7 and the impact of your communication with him/her is crucial.  I strongly advocate for the role of the parent, guardian or caregiver in the therapy process.   I believe that empowering parents presents the best possible chance of a positive outcome. For that reason it is essential to adopt a holistic approach to intervention with your child.

Without a doubt it is you, the parent/carer,who knows your child best of all. Each child is unique, no matter how their speech, language and communication difficulty is defined.   The parent can reinforce the benefits of therapy by positively engaging in providing encouragement, motivation and reward for the child through the use of guided strategies.  In this way they can support the child in realising their potential with specific instruction and advice from the Therapist.

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