Childspeech - Let's Talk


Fees are based on national guidelines for the profession. There may be discounts for several sessions paid in advance. 

Initial Telephone Consultation:   Free.  Please call to talk through your concerns in confidence about your child's speech, language and communication difficulties in order to establish if therapy is required and if so how that should proceed.

Full Initial Assessment: £95.   This includes in depth case history, formal and/or informal assessments as appropriate.  It will usually take between one - one and a half hours.  Verbal feedback will given following completion of assessment along with recommendations on next steps.

A Full Formal Written Report: £65  This can be provided for parents or other professionals, outlining detailed assessment findings along with recommendations for therapy.  

Therapy Session: £55 - £70 per hour.   Reduction in the hourly rate will be given for block booking therapy sessions in advance.  Individual therapy session include discussion on therapy aims and feedback on progress with the parent.

Travel costs: very reasonable - to be agreed with client during initial phone consultation 

Additional Services

Observation of child in educational setting - 1 hour. Rates vary

Advice, strategies and/or training can be provided to education staff if desired:    Rates variable

Parents should be aware of the statutory Speech & Language Services that are available through the NHS.  Please note that it is quite common for NHS therapists and independent therapists to work together and that there is a protocol which is followed in such instances.

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