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Does Your Child need Speech & Language Therapy?

I can provide independent therapy to families of children from 0 - 18 years who are experiencing a range of speech, language or communication difficulties to help them become happy and confident in their communication. I offer in-depth assessment and regular therapy tailored to suit your child in your own home. Where requested I can provide training and input to education staff within schools and nurseries.

As a specialist with in-depth knowledge and experience of working with deaf children I can deliver rehabilitation programmes to children who use single or bilateral cochlear implants both before and following implantation.  

Often difficulties with speech, language and communication have a profound and lasting effect on children's lives, Making friends, regulating emotions, problem solving, behavioural control, educational achievements and indeed employability rely greatly on good speech & language skills.

To that end I adopt a holistic approach to intervention with your child and seek to discover the child in order to uncover their potential for change. I aim to see the child not the label!